Emily Claire, 23

Formally : audreyhamiltons

Led Zeppelin sucks

Robert Plant broke my heart

||none of these photos belong to me||

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wtf classic rock fangirls on here are too gorgeous

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"innocentes" jennifer pugh by luciana val and franco musso for numero #58
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Six selfies because I think that’s what you’re supposed to do
Either way enjoy I guess idk

I’m laughing so hard right now omg

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For those six selfies is that still happening?
Get these to Robert Plant asap.
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Charlotte Martin photographed by Barry Lategan for Vogue Italia, February 1970 [x]
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Al Pacino and Diane Keaton in a deleted scene from The Godfather (1972). 
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whimpering-pines said: That’s what I thought too! I bought one ‘cause I wanted to play like Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan..

ONE day Meg we will play like these baes and it will be glorious! I am still trying to figure out to play this goddamn thing.

aqueenofthehighway replied to your post:
Now introducing Emily Dylan

I like dis